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Declaration of the 10th Congress of Women

Added: 14 lipca 2018

We are celebrating the centenary of the Independence and there is no independence without women’s rights

One hundred years have passed since women gained their suffrage. One hundred years during which women have been effaced from the history and collective memory. We demand restoration of our history, we demand herstory. 

One hundred years have passed, and we are still far from equality. Ten years ago, during the first Congress of Women, a list of several dozen laws and demands was created. These laws and demands are crucial for women in Poland to achieve the same status as men. For 10 years we have been fighting for their introduction. Nowadays, we are witnesses of the regress both of our laws and position of Poland in Europe. Current government destroys democracy, it’s institutions and neglects Constitution. The current government treats women as objects, as inferior human beings, as second-class citizens. We say enough! Enough discrimination, humiliation, marginalisation, wiping us out of the history. Enough sexual abuse, and patronising. We want all rights, we want a full life in the rule of law and democratic Poland.

The Congress calls women to be active and engaged in upcoming elections. We call upon every woman to candidate, to vote and to control the proceeding. We declare that our demands concerning equal rights, equal wages, equal treatment in every sphere of public and private life will be a permanent element of our electoral programmes and a condition of accepting candidates.

We are proud of our sisters who resist against political authorities all over Poland. Sisters who protest against degradation – degradation of women, and of our country. Having fought for equal rights, the Congress of Women, have also been fighting for egalitarian democracy and law-abiding Poland. This fight must continue. Until we achieve victory. 

The Congress supports every man, and woman who are socially marginalised, invisible for the authorities. For 10 years, we have been cooperating with people with disabilities in their struggle for a dignified life. During the 10th Congress, we created a list of 30 demands which could provide a comprehensive support system for disabled children, and adults. We will fight for their implementation. We also demand an equal status and respect for Ukrainians and other foreigners – irrespective of their gender, who work or study in Poland. For a few years now, foreigners have become a new social group – discriminated, invisible for the government, deprived of fundamental laws and dignity.  

The 10th Congress of Women formulated several dozen other postulates concerning different areas of public life (education, reproductive health, culture, ecology, media, politics, entrepreneurship). These postulates will be on the Congress’ agenda in the upcoming elections and in upcoming years. We will demand their implementation and we will implement them ourselves. Local governments, and political power is within our reach. Girls, women, dear ladies – let’s do it!