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Defense of Brigitte Macron

Added: 9 czerwca 2017

Virginie Ben Moubamba – humanitarian activist caring for Gabon’s populations since 1998, manager and wife of Bruno Ben Moubamby, the Vice-prime Minister of Gabon – has written a post on her Facebook defending Brigitte Macron. It's worth to read it!


What a global wave – shameful and humiliating for all women – is falling over Brigitte Macron!

What an impossible and shameless confirmation that in the eyes of many (women and men) woman isn’t else than a body! It is telling us a great deal about how long is still the way ahead, for women to become truly free and equal to men. I am outraged.

Is it therefore that a man can't love a woman unless she is young? And that the value of a woman isn’t other than the beauty of her body? In full youth and fertile, of course.

Here what the hyenas spit out : ”Macron, if you are a man then you are to like a young body (fresh meat) in your bed. Only an old, cripple man finds pleasure in the withered one.“

And so on… ”Macron, if you are a man then you are to love a girl that you can inseminate. You are still young!"

It hurts me as a woman, and it hurts me as a human. It hurts, this impossible oppression of women and mental deformations that we teach our children - the belief that to be valuable, to be loved, a woman can count only on her appearance and seductive powers on the male genre. “I excite you, therefore I exist”

Here’s why our 10-year-old daughters, who haven’t grown breasts yet, pose alluring in the media. Why we agree upon first sex at the age of fourteen or earlier, why we spend hours rehearsing to be perfect in front of mirrors… We are slaves!

I am a woman, I like to play my femininity, i am proud of being a woman. But I refuse to be only a body which will be thrown away when the last charms of youth and beauty pass. I am MORE! ALL WOMEN ARE MORE. Each of us has a soul, a power, an intelligence, values, struggles, attempts and successes, a character, advantages and disadvantages. They all constitute our value, thanks to them we are PERSONS.

Are we at this point such a dumb and brutal mass?

Gentlemen for real? You feel valued and greater, when we make use of our curves and all the artifices in the world to awaken (even despite yourself) breeding instincts in you? Are we really there in the relationship between men and women? A butt or a lace and you are caught up in? Is this so easy? And that's all? I can’t get it.

Ladies, are you then satisfied not to be interesting but for your looks and only for those few years? And following: trash?! "hey, fifties, move on, a next generation is to be consumed now!”

Yes, our female bodies are sublime, masterpieces of nature. They are a part of us, but it is only a temple of our entity, they are vanishing, and will end up eaten by bugs. Run away from those who love you only for your bodies. Look for those, who love your body regardless of its age or state, as they just love you as a whole.

And you gentlemen, run away from those who you love for their physical aspects - that is not love. You also deserve more, you are something more than just males searching for females.

Who will remember at last, that love first of all is a relation between two people, and not between a libido and something to fix it?

That is just unbelievable ! How can we accept so much mediocrity for our lives while we all dream deeply in the magical union of two hearts, two souls, two lives, two wills. The Alliance of bodies, whatever they may be, is nothing but the expression of it.

Mrs. Brigitte Macron, it doesn’t matter whether your husband got elected or not, whether your relationship will last - it is your path.

But I wish to tell you that you are beautiful, even gorgeous, and all women in the world should envy you. One man loves you for who you are, breaking taboos and prejudices of amazing violence and stupidity.

And for that I thank you. I wish your example would let us all realise how deeply sexism is rooted inside of us, including me.

Let's destroy these roots. It will be an honour to all of us as well as the pledge for a little less of suffering and misfortune.