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"Let's Save the Women” Project rejected

Added: 28 września 2016

“Let's Save the Women” Project rejected


First readings of two projects concerning the right to abortion took place on September 22. „One of them - prepared by religious fanatics, shifts Poland towards group of barbaric countries. We are going to compete in instrumental treatment of women with El Salvador or Islamic state. The second one, brings us closer to the civilised countries, where women have full rights, independent from the religious beliefs of state authorities”- professor Magdalena Środa wrote in Gazeta Wyborcza  FULL TEXT

Along with the project of Act on women’s rights and conscious parenthood Let's Save the Women, in favour of which we had been collecting signatures in Warsaw and all over Poland, project Stop Abortion was also read. During the reading (our project was presented by Barbara Nowacka- the chair of Let's Save the Women commitee) we were present in front of the Parliament. On behalf of women, against terror directed towards women. See Barbara Nowacka's presentation in the Parliament.

On Septemeber 23, during the voting, deputies decided to reject the Let's Save the Women project (230 votes to 173)- even though it had been stated that it would be passed to the commission. Instead, the barbaric Stop Abortion project was handed over. #Blackthursday will  go down in history of women’s rights. Women's hell continues.

In response to this, demonstration in front of the Parliament is scheduled for October 1 (at 1 p.m.). Its slogan: „The jokes are over!” Let's stand up against women’s rights violation!