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Men and women in V4 hospital management

Added: 2 września 2016

Hospital management – at least in the case of the 10 biggest hospitals – is still dominated by men in all V4 countries. Similarly to other fields of economy, women as managers are still quite rare also in the health care sector.


The regional exceptions are Poland and Slovakia where representation of male and female managers is balanced. In case of Poland this balance is absolute – 50:50, in Slovakia women make up 41% of all 10 biggest hospitals' managers. Therefore, even though the situation in the remaining countries is not so rosy, the regional average is 38% female managers among the 10 biggest hospitals in each country. In Hungary women make up more than one third of all managers; the regional laggard is the Czech republic with only 27% women.

Dr. Andrea Ficzere, a petite lady with curly hair, laughs when asked about her professional experiences. Ficzere is the general director of Uzsoki Hospital in Budapest, a fairly big institution, with 868 beds and 1,400 staff members. Its oncology and orthopedic departments provide services for some three million people. “I do not think the health sector differs much from other Hungarian sectors. In most hospitals you tend to have three to five directors, and typically the nursing director is the only leadership position filled by a woman. The top management is predominantly male, while the staff is mainly female,” Ficzere says.

A similar situation also exists in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where the highest levels of hospital management are almost exclusively male territory. Yet, according to the data compiled by the V4Revue, Poland, an exception among V4 countries, is clearly undergoing a “gender revolution” in hospital management. Incredible as it seems, six of the ten biggest Polish hospitals are currently under female leadership.

The full article on men and women in V4 hospital management is available HERE


The article is part of the project “Learning about causes and effects of gender (im)balance in Central Europe” funded by the European Union 

The research and data collection was carried out by partner organizations of the project: Fórum 50% (CZ), The Congress of Women (PL), Hungarian Women´s Lobby (HU) & V4 Revue (SK)