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Statement of the Congress of Women on protests against Stop Abortion project

Added: 4 października 2016

Dark Saturday, black Monday - Statement of the Congress of Women on protests against Stop Abortion project

Today, protest is our only weapon in fight against gross injustice, cruelty and fanaticism. It’s a weapon of people deprived of the right to rule, but on the other hand – of people who have got political power. Protest, a nonviolent action, is a strong political weapon. The real changes are made by people who stand up, who say “no” to the authorities and not by those who applaud them. What happened on September 23 will go down in history as the Black Friday. A group of religious fanatics who hate women decided to move on to further Stop Abortion regulation. This project turns Polish women into slaves – ill and raped have to give birth to a child, infertile – can never have one, uncertain of the condition of pregnancy – cannot use prenatal tests. The proposed law reduces women to national incubators, intimidates doctors, puts the embryo and not the child on a pedestal. In this case – the authorities are not interested in children. “It isn’t normal” – would say someone from a civilized country. No, it is our reality. Nevertheless, we cannot agree with it. We have to act, we have to protest – on our behalf, on behalf of all women, of our daughters and grand-daughters, on behalf of European civilization, where women’s rights are a great trophy and should be sacred. Lastly – on behalf of Poland, to save its reputation, because we are not all barbarians and we do not succumb to religious fanaticism.

This is why the Congress of Women encourage you to participate both in the Saturday protest (organized by the “Let’s save women” initiative) and in the Black Monday inspired by Krystyna Janda. Monday protest can take many different forms – black clothes, inactive FB profile, suspended classes, absence from work, meeting friends and discussions on how to protest, writing letters to Madam Prime Minister, to the First Lady of Poland, manifestations, public reading of the list of shame (or the names of MPs who had voted for women’s hell) … We are going to take part in it – for free and normal Poland, where women are citizens in their own right. We are going to win! We cannot let the women’s hell reach our daughters, friends, colleagues.