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Time for Women in Warsaw: the finissage of all-Poland Conferences

Added: 24 lipca 2017

What connects a stage artist, a woman's sexuality expert, a fashion designer, an academic professor and a CEO of a dental company? The fact that they all are active in the polish work market.




During the Warsaw edition of the conference we hosted a meeting with Joanna Dark, Joanna Keszka, Joanna Klimas, prof. Ewa Lisowska and Małgorzata Nowak-Niedźwiedzka to look closer at their successes and challenges. We spoke about what and who is helping them in their struggles, how to find self-esteem and courage, what is a good practice and what to be careful about.

Among female voices we could also hear a male one: Paul Wojciechowski -the australian ambassador in Poland- shared with us "how it is to be made in Australia" and their good practice for bringing gender equality on the work market. 

The whole panel discussion was led by the host at our event: Dorota Warakomska - a journalist and CEO of the Congress of Women Association.

Participants (about 250 women from Warsaw, but not only) got empowerment from Henryka Bochniarz - who is an economist, a leader of environment of entrepreneurs and a mother founder of the Congress. 

Prof. Małgorzata Fuszara - a sociologist and lawyer, former proxy of Polish Government for equality issues and also viceCEO of our association- spoke about our rights. 


After the talks, the following workshops took place: 

"They pay you,like they see you - rules of auto-presentation" by Ewa Serwa - an actress.

"Vademecum of entrepreneur or how to stay on the market" by Małgorzata Okońska-Zaremba - a lawyer.

"not as black as it is painted or everything you would like to know about European Funds, but you were afraid to ask” by Małgorzata Lelińska - an economist.


"There is no independence without  financial self-reliance”: click this link for an article in „Gazeta Prawna” summing up the event (text in polish only).


TIME FOR WOMEN, the all-Poland series of Conferences and Workshops was supported by The Coca-Cola Foundation with headquarters in Atlanta.