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Time of contempt

Added: 11 stycznia 2018

Time of contempt


We should have expected that…

The „Save Women” proposal to liberalise the abortion law in Poland has been rejected. Months of collecting signatures, a great social activity, and above all – hope that it could be normal, that women will restore their autonomic status – status of free and responsible beings who can decide on their motherhood. None of these gave no thought to the authorities.

The question of abortion law in Poland proves chauvinistic patriarchalism, in which main part is played by the Church and its dominion. A ban on abortion (condemnation of the contraception, in vitro fertilisation, prenatal testing) is in fact a perfect and effective way to incapacitate women, to reduce them to the role of slaves.

A ban on abortion has nothing to do with protection of foetus. Nothing to do with life.  A ban on abortion is an instrument of power to subordinate women. For women, it is the measure of their social, subservient status.

The time of contempt has come.


Magdalena Środa

(for Koduj24)