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The Association of the Congress of Women was founded on the 28th January 2010. We act for equal treatment of men and women. Our aim is to increase women’s activity and participation  in public life, and especially in politics. We want to provide the women with the knowledge and skills that will help them to achieve their goal.


What is the importance of the Congress of Women Association?

The 1st Congress of Women was a spontaneous event. It was a meeting place not only for various kinds of women's movements and organizations, but also for many women that have never been affiliated with any entity. All of them, despite different opinions on many issues, had a great opportunity to feel the energy that came from this event. In this terms, the Congress was our great success! Taking into account available resources, it was also a huge organizational success.

The biggest difficulty was the fact that the status of the Congress was not legally enforced. As a result, making agreements and commitments on behalf of the Congress was almost impossible. Also, we had only limited financial resources.

Therefore, one of the most urgent matters for the Congress after the meeting in Warsaw was to create a formal structure that would allow us to act in accordance with the law.

Various options have been considered and it turned out that creating an association would be he best solution. The Organizing Committee was selected from among the members of the Programme Board, who founded the Association of Congress of Women. The Congress of Women Association was officially registered in January, 2010.

The main objectives of the Association are:

  • take all measures available to promote the idea of ? the Congress of Women,
  • support professional activity of women, activity in national politics and in local governments,
  • promote women in any activities they undertake,
  • help women acquire funds for their undertakings.


The Association is founded mainly from membership fees, business ventures, donations, and  the generosity of the general public and sponsors. Acquisition of funds is also the task of Association.

The governing body of the Association is the Board, supervised by the Audit Committee. The highest authority is the General Assembly, pen for active participation of each member. General Meeting separates the Association Board from its activities, and can redress it in certain cases. Also, each member may be elected to the authorities of the Association and proclaim ideas for actions to support the statutory goals.

The Statute is available at www.kongreskobiet.pl. You may also find conditions to become a member of the Association . You simply need to fill in the membership application, accept the statute, and regularly contribute to the Association’s finances.

The work and activities of all members appointed to the Association's bodies have voluntary, free of charge character.

As an organization, the Association was formed on the foundations of the Congress of Women. It represents the ideas of the Congress, but it is independent, makes independent decisions, and takes responsibility for its undertakings.

We support all kinds of activities that may help to strengthen the presence of women in public life. Currently, the most urgent case for us is the parity issue. We believe that implementation of parities will help to achieve many other goals and demands established during the First Congress of Women in 2009.

Our strength is in our members. The more of us there is, the louder we are able to talk about issues important for women.

We strongly encourage you to join the Association, which, unlike the Congress of Women, works all year round.