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Cooperation with the Congress of Women Association
Please notice that your offers to participate in our projects and initiatives will be considered in terms of the following criteria:
1) The character and objectives of the project:
- Cannot be contrary to the Statute of the Congress of Women Association
- Cannot be discriminatory against any social group
- Cannot have the character of political party or religious organization
- Should be related to statutory operation:
promotion of equal treatment of women and men
undertakings to increase the activity and participation of women in political and public life
helping women to gain the knowledge and skills, that will allow them to actively participate in social, political, and public life
actions to improve the situation of women
2) The Congress of Women Association:
- can be involved as the honorary partner for publications, events, conferences, etc..
- can give substantive support
- can prepare presentations or speeches by panel participants of Congress of Women.
3) The terms - we will not respond to offers of cooperation, which contributed to us too late - the minimum time to process the application and the decision is:
for publications: 6 weeks
forconferences, debates, trainings, etc..: 3 weeks
Your initiatives can be announced simply by sending completed application form (download here) at: biuro@kongreskobiet.pl
Please Note! The Congress of Women Association does not finance other projects or activities. Partners who wish to establish cooperation with us, please consider to make the donation for the Congress of Women Association. Donations will be used to achieve our statutory objectives.
Our bank account:


Account no.:   77 1240 1040 1111 0010 5634 4049