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2nd Congress of Women (2010)

The Second Congress of Women took place on 18th and 19th June 2010 at the Palace of Culture and Science and at the Warsaw Stock Exchange with the motto Time for Elections! Time for Women! Time for Solidarity! 4000 women from all over Poland participated in the Congress. Apart from 14 thematic panels, workshops and sessions, a presidential debate was organised with the participation of Grzegorz Napieralski, Andrzej Olechowski, and Waldemar Pawlak. A presidential primary was also staged. Special guests of the Congress included: Małgorzata Tusk, and Małgorzata Napieralska, and Marshall of the Sejm and presidential candidate Bronisław Komorowski with his wife Anna Komorowska. Bronisław Komorowski addressed the participants of the Congress withe the promise that he will sign the parity bill as soon as it is passed by the Parliament.

At the end, the Congress formulated postulates regarding:

  • immediate introduction of The Parity Act
  • introduction of parity in elections to the European Parliament
  • better control over government activity in support of the equal status of women and men
  • annual parliamentary report on the situation of women
  • effective family support policy
  • IVF refund
  • protection of women and children from violence
  • reform of the system of education to prevent the discrimination of women

Professor Maria Janion, one of the most significant humanists of our times, received the special award of the 2nd Congress of Women.